Lakes in the Media 2013

18-Dec-2013 Citizen Matters

16-Dec-2013 The New Indian Express

10-Dec-2013 Bangalore Mirror

02-Dec-2013 Bangalore Mirror

25-Nov-2013 Deccan Herald

20-Nov-2013 Deccan Herald

19-Nov-2013 Deccan Herald

16-Oct-2013 The New Indian Express

16-Oct-2013 The Hindu

12-Oct-2013 DNA

10-Oct-2013 The New Indian Express

10-Oct-2013 The New Indian Express

10-Oct-2013 The Times of India

10-Oct-2013 The Hindu

10-Oct-2013 Deccan Herald

05-Oct-2013 The Hindu

Sep-2013 Stockholm Resilience Centre, Cities and Biodiversity Outlook (video)

29-Sep-2013 The Times of India

29-Sep-2013 The Hindu

26-Sep-2013 India Water Portal
26-Sep-2013 Bangalore Mirror

26-Sep-2013 The Times of India

26-Sep-2013 Deccan Herald

23-Sep-2013 Citizen Matters

23-Sep-2013 The New Indian Express

22-Sep-2013 Deccan Chronicle

21-Sep-2013 The New Indian Express

21-Sep-2013 The Times of India
20-Sep-2013 Jagran City Plus

19-Sep-2013 The Hindu

18-Sep-2013 The New Indian Express

16-Sep-2013 The Hindu

11-Sep-2013 The Indian Express

11-Sep-2013 Citizen Matters

10-Sep-2013 Deccan Herald

08-Sep-2013 Bangalore Mirror

03-Sep-2013 The Hindu

03-Sep-2013 The New Indian Express

30-Aug-2013 Citizen Matters

26-Aug-2013 Deccan Herald

26-Aug-2013 Deccan Herald

25-Aug-2013 DNA

23-Aug-2013 The Hindu

10-Aug-2013 Reap Benefit Blog

06-Aug-2013 The Hindu

03-Aug-2013 Centre of Law and Policy Research

31-Jul-2013 The Indian Express
27-Jul-2013 The Times of India

25-Jul-2013 Deccan Herald

17-Jul-2013 The New Indian Express
17-Jul-2013 RTI Foundation of India
15-Jul-2013 The Hindu

15-Jul-2013 Deccan Herald

14-Jul-2013 The Times of India

13-Jul-2013 The Times of India

13-Jul-2013 Citizen Matters

08-Jul-2013 DNA

08-Jul-2013 The Times of India

05-Jul-2013 Citizen Matters

27-Jun-2013 DNA

27-Jun-2013 Deccan Herald

26-Jun-2013 Deccan Herald

25-Jun-2013 The New Indian Express

21-Jun-2013 Citizen Matters
15-Jun-13 The Better India

15-Jun-13 The Hindu

14-Jun-2013 The Times of India/ Blog
12-Jun-2013 Deccan Herald

07-Jun-2013 Deccan Herald

06-Jun-2013 Deccan Herald

03-Jun-2013 The Hindu

28-May-2013 Citizen Matters

21-May-2013 Citizen Matters

20-May-2013 Citizen Matters

07-May 2013 Deccan Herald

02-May-2013 The Alternative

02-May-2013 DNA

15-Apr-2013 DH Video


20-Mar-2013 Deccan Herald

19-Mar-2013 The Times of India

19-Mar-2013 The Alternative

12-Mar-2013 The Alternative

12-Mar-2013 The Alternative

Mar-2013 The Alternative

10-Mar-2013 Deccan Herald

05-Mar-2013 DNA

28-Feb-2013 Deccan Herald

22-Feb-2013 Citizen Matters

09-Feb-2013 ABC News

08-Feb-2013 Bangalore Mirror

07-Feb-2013 Press Infomation Bureau, Govt of India

30-Jan-2013 Deccan Herald

29-Jan-2013 Received by

27-Jan-2013 The New Indian Express

24-Jan-2013 The Hindu

23-Jan-2013 The Times of India

23-Jan-2013 Bangalore Mirror

10-Jan-2013 Deccan Herald

09-Jan-2013 Deccan Herald