Our Plans

PNLIT engages/ plans to engage in five kinds of work, which we believe will benefit a large number of people in the region around the lake.

(a) We will continue our work in environment protection and take up specific initiatives for the conservation of the natural environment in the area. We will do this through specific projects in the natural environment, such as the ongoing lake restoration, energy and environment projects in the built environment (energy efficient lighting, water conservation, waste management, etc.) and by assisting other similarly minded groups.   

Bangalore lakes are known to be the home to various species of local and migratory birds. We are looking to ‘Invite the denizens back – the birds, the bees and the rest’. Towards this, one important area of focus will be 'making' and 'keeping' the environment of the Puttenahalli Lake a suitable habitat for them.

(b) We will help in assisting the administration and citizens in local governance matters and problem solving. Facilitation of a traffic signal to ease traffic flow is one such initiative.


(c) We will make specific interventions to boost the economy of the area, and to promote the small businesses that have located here. We will create partnership programs with local businesses that contribute to the overall health of the area, and in turn we will endeavour to deliver economic value to the businesses themselves. Our cloth bag project is one such initiative. 

(d) PNLIT will also be a strong partner to the charitable efforts of individuals and organisations in the area, supporting non-profit work through grants and other means. This, we believe, will make our neighbourhood a more hospitable place for all people. We have a Puttenahalli Govt School support program and Treasures born again activity.   

(e) We will create educational programs that promote social and economic objectives for the neighbourhood, and disseminate this information to the homes and businesses in the area. The Teach program is one such initiative. 

By pursuing these objectives together we can build a showcase neighbourhood initiative, and be a trend-setting region of our city.