Vivek Krishna (Volunteer, Area resident and Donor)

PNLIT is certainly a blueprint and inspiration for how a citizen group can step in help restore and maintain a lake. PNLIT has also gone beyond that - it ensures that the area surrounding the lake is not converted into a dump yard, it tutors young kids in the surrounding slums, arranges Nature Walks for kids. They should continue being the strong positive influence that they are. (vivek.kris83@gmail.com)

Meera K, Co-founder Citizen Matters www.citizenmatters.in (Associate)

We have been supporting PNLIT from a media perspective and are well aware of their activities and work with the community. They have done a great job in rejuvenating and now maintaining the lake. The best part is how they have got the community involved in their shared public space! (meerak@oorvani.in)

Sanjay Mysoremutt (Area resident and Donor)

It’s a real miracle that against all odds, this piece of nature has survived amidst this concrete jungle, and the name of that miracle is PNLIT. The fact that a lot of other people have been inspired to form groups to protect the lakes in their own neighbourhood is a definite measure of PNLIT's success, apart from their recognition in Spark The Rise. The engagement with the neighborhood and the regular activities that are ongoing around the lake makes it a really happening place. Kudos to the team's relentless commitment, and I really look forward to seeing the lake full of water and *life* once the rains fall in place! (msanjay75@gmail.com)

Jeanne Subramaniam (Volunteer and Donor)

PNLIT is remarkable in its ability to work with the administration to restore the lake, a vital element of Bangalore's ecology, and to energise volunteers to contribute to the restoration and ongoing maintenance of the lake and its surroundings The impact of their work can hardly be quantified. There are the benefits to the overall environment, the improved ecology of the local area and the social benefits that can be seen in the number of people visiting the lake for exercise and fresh air. The trustees have also been able to inspire volunteers who are clearly energised by the idea of helping improve the environment and the locality. They have even inspired a local slum community to keep their surroundings clean by having a garbage pile cleaned up and providing bins for refuse collection. Their blog posts and other publicity about PNLIT efforts are inspiring others to restore other lakes in Bangalore. In other words, PNLIT is having an impact far beyond the immediate effects of restoring a neglected water body. PNLIT's contribution to Bangalore is invaluable and they should be encouraged and supported in every way possible. (jeanne.sb@gmail.com)

Vijay Kumar (Volunteer, Area resident and Donor)

We have brought our lake, water, planting trees, people and most importantly the birds and nature ecosystem back to life by simple ideas to stop sewage, littering, requesting outdated government mindset to conserve public spaces by very simple and ordinary citizens without big funds by only donations is difficult task accomplished. One of PNLIT most impressive traits is that they are highly self-motivated. They take the initiative to bring in new things and to be well informed. The work hard and are dedicated to what they wish to accomplish. PNLIT has shown the ability to work well with several vulnerable populations including slum children by teaching difficult subjects. They have demonstrated they care a great deal about the welfare of others. In short, I enthusiastically recommend PNLIT for any direct charges in the upliftment of the society. I believe they would be an asset to the Society and Public by large. (ariesvijay@gmail.com)

Sapana Rawat (Volunteer, Area resident and Donor)

PNLIT is managed by a group of highly committed and passionate local residents of Puttenahalli/Arekere, who have achieved a lot in the past 2 years. PNLIT has been one of its kind in bringing the residents together to work towards neighborhood improvement and betterment with the main focus being Puttenahalli lake. It has now become a reference point for other residents to take charge of their local lakes. The flora and fauna that PNLIT has been able to protect and maintain helps not just our environment but provides the much needed lung space to the residents, and not to forget what our children can learn about them. (rsapana@hotmail.com)

Deepa Mohan (Birdwatcher and Nature walk guide)

I have been closely involved with PNLIT for a while now, and I find that they take their responsibilities very seriously. They have brought back the lake from extinction, and have made a place where the public can come and sit and relax. Maintenance of the public commons is something very few citizens think about, with the usual apathy prevailing. I'm very impressed with the sustained efforts of the PNLIT team. (mohandeepa@gmail.com)

Sanjeev Daithankar (Long distance runner and Area resident)

I strongly recommend this organization and Management. They have brought in life to the Lake and the surrounding community. Residents near lake have been using this lake for regular walks, relaxing as well. I am Long distance runner and I also use it for my runs on regular basis. We have seen birds around as well . Trustees and volunteers have put in lot of efforts to clean up the lake and maintain it as well. Basically they took the lake from zero to the make over of the lake. I strongly recommend this organization to be there to make sure the lake is maintained. (SDAITHANKAR@yahoo.com)

Subramanyam Putrevu (Long distance runner, Area resident and Donor)

PNLIT is an organization formed by like minded people with single mission to save the environment. Team has taken up renovation of Puttenahalli lake and made great progress in the last few years. What was assumed to be non-existent by the neighbors, is enjoyed greatly by the entire neighborhood. Team has made steady pace to give a facelift the lake and protected the environment by planting trees, making a pavement and track, viewing area for the people to enjoy the flora and fauna etc. The management team is personally involved and encouraged the entire neighborhood to involve during the weekend activities or raising donations for the lake. Mgmt team has great vision and striving hard to raise funds and achieve the dream. I sincerely appreciate the efforts as being part of this community activity as well as the beneficiary of a lovely lake. (s_putrevu@yahoo.com)

Pankaj Dugar (Volunteer)

That Bangalore's lakes are fast disappearing is a well known fact. The moniker "Garden City" now seems like a misnomer as rampant, erratic development has drastically depleted "lung spaces" and water tables across the city. The onus of reclaiming Bangalore's old glory should be shouldered jointly by both the government and Bangalore's citizens. It is in this regard that PNLIT gets the maximum possible marks. PNLIT as an organization has done a tremendous job of working with the local government and volunteers to restore Puttenahalli lake, which otherwise would certainly have been lost encroachment or, worse, become a dumping ground. Over the last several years, PNLIT has worked tirelessly with multiple municipal authorities and scores of volunteers to restore the lake. I have seen the difference myself. What was once a marshy dump yard is once again home to a variety of flora and fauna. Neighbourhood people come to the lake throughout the day for their daily exercises or to just relax. Without a doubt, the leadership of PNLIT has played a critical role in making it successful, and serving as an inspiration and role model for others who want to do the same for other lakes.