About Puttenahalli Lake

Island at Puttenahalli Lake

Pic: Sudhir Singh

Puttenahalli Lake

is the smallest of the 3 lakes of the JP Nagar 7th Phase area in South Bangalore

(3 lakes - Jarganahalli / Sarakki Lake, Chunchaghatta Lake, Puttenahalli Lake)

is located in BBMP Ward 187 'Puttenahalli'

Between Brigade Millennium and L&T South City

  • Puttenahalli Lake has a recorded area of 13 acres 25 guntas with a perimeter of 1.1 km (measured walking track perimeter 920 m).

  • Historically, it was rain-fed with no other water source. However, in 2015, arrangements were made to divert excess treated water from a nearby apartment complex.

  • This Puttenahalli Lake is sometimes confused with the significantly bigger Jarganahalli Lake (that is also called Sarakki Lake/ Puttenahalli Lake) and the Yelahanka Puttenahalli Lake.

  • The lake was almost 'LOST', on the brink of extinction. Now it is home to several species of water and land birds, butterflies and many other insects and creatures. Over 400 trees have been planted around the periphery of the lake which teems with fish, crabs, water snakes, etc. In short, the lake is a natural world in microcosm, a sanctuary in the middle of a concrete urban jungle, a bird-watcher's delight in the heart of human habitation!