Frequently Asked Questions:


What kind of an organisation is PNLIT?

PNLIT is a Bangalore-based trust, registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 - Rgn No. BNG(U)-JPN-129-2010-11 dated 11th June 2010. It has received the status of Charitable Trust under section 12AA of the Indian Income Tax Act. 

Who manages PNLIT?

PNLIT has a Board of Trustees that manages the day-to-day operations of the trust. PNLIT also has Support Volunteers who provide invaluable help on various activities, as and when they are able to spare the time. 

How is PNLIT involved with Puttenahalli Lake?

PNLIT has officially taken over the nurturing of Puttenahalli Lake from the BBMP, by signing an MOU for a period of 3 years (May 2011-2014), renewed for another 3 years (May 2014-2017).  

Does PNLIT receive government funding?

No. PNLIT does not receive direct government funding and can therefore remain unbiased in its operations. 

How does PNLIT meet the expenses of nurturing the lake?

PNLIT meets the expenses through:

- Donations from concerned well-wishers 

- Adoption of trees

- Direct sponsorship of requirements 

- Conducting nature walks, bird watching tours, educational trips, etc.

- Sale of cloth bags, T-shirts, tea coasters, fridge magnets

- Other sources (proposed) like photography classes, coffee table books, plants, organic manure, etc.

PNLIT is also building up a corpus fund so that in future, the interest earned will be able to meet some of the routine expenses like salaries and other recurring expenditure.     

Donations are eligible under Section 80G, for 50% deduction from Taxable income ; PNLIT received FCRA registration in June 2015 

How can I get involved with PNLIT?

Don't wait. Contact us.


Why are lakes important in urban areas?

Lakes are important because they...

- Reduce temperature

- Reduce pollution

- Act as a catchment for rainwater

- Prevent flooding

- Supply drinking water

- Raise water table 

- Provide a habitat for animal and plant life

- Provide lung space for humans

How to report lake encroachment? How does one save a lake?

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