Nile Tulip/ Markhamia lutea

Common name: Nile Tulip

Indian names: Kannada: Kumkuma

Botanical names: Markhamia lutea (earlier Dolichondrone)

Family: Bignoniaceae (Jacaranda family)

    • Native to Africa, Markhamia was named in the honor of botanist C. Robert Markham (1830-1916), who worked in India.

    • This evergreen reaches more than 10 ms in its zones of origin. Leaves, of 20-30 cm in length, normally arranged in groups in the ends of the branches.

    • Flowers in terminal clusters, are tubular trumpet shaped, yellow in colour, with orange-reddish spots in the throat. They measure 5-6 cm in length.

    • After the flowering season one can see long pods hanging on the trees. As the pods turn brown, they become twisted. These pods, measuring in excess of a foot and half in length, remain on the tree for a long time.

    • This tree grows tall; and does not branch very much.

Location at the lake:

    • Near the coconut grove and at the far end (hutments side) near the main road

28-Aug-2011 First flowers of Markhamia lutea