Catchment area Puttenahalli Lake

Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 9:01 PM, S. Subramanya <> wrote:

Please find attached the catchment area details of Puttenahalli Lake. I have identified six catchments, as I see it. You can see that the terrain sloping from three sides into the lake.

I have also marked the main roadside channel network that need to be created to ensure inflow of monsoon run-off into the lake.

I do know that implementing this is more easier said than done. But I feel this is the only way that we can harvest monsoon run-off and funnel it into the lake. But the difficult thing is to implement this for each of the catchment areas.

I am happy to note that you have already made a head-way in trying to bring run-off water from Brigade Millennium. I am sure you will be able to to do this with other catchment areas as well.

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Pdf file on google docs here


Dear Subbu,

If I number the yellow arrows starting with the top left.

Arrow 1 is the new diversion channel from BM. We are following it up regularly with the BBMP but it seems that the work order has not been issued yet.

Arrow 2 is the trench from coconut grove which is active and as of now, the main source of water.

Arrow 3 - there is an inlet at this point but it is blocked at various points along the drain (the blue arrow head joining the line along Nataraja Layout

Arrow 4 - The zigzag line in the middle is unfortunately blocked by a church (the small white line that is almost joining the blue line on the right). The inlet still lets in some surface water from South City along with Arrow 5.

Arrow 5 - the line parallel to the lake has too many sewage outlets joining the drain from the houses. We've blocked it temporarily for this reason.

Arrow 6 - we hadn't explored. Will do so.

You are right about implementation being difficult but now that we have a good idea of the possible sources, we can work on them.

Many thanks.