Lake Chain Rejuvenation - Caution

From: Priya Ramasubban <>

Date: Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Subject: Kaikondarahalli Lake Chain Rejuvenation


Hello All.

A few years ago, Dr. Harini Nagendra had authored a report on the chain of lakes linked to Kaikondarahalli Lake a few years ago and many citizens in our community had requested the BBMP to take up work on the rest of the lakes in this chain. Finally the BBMP has started work on the chain of lakes upstream and downstream of Kaikondarahalli Lake and we support the efforts of the BBMP on this. But in looking at the work already started and talking to the BBMP engineers, it seems that there may be been some oversight when it came to circumventing Kaikondarahalli Lake when dewatering of the upstream lakes, BAsically when an upsream lake s dewatered or overflows then the water flows to the downstream lake. And in this lake chain some of the upstream lakes are heavily filled with sewage. We are working with various BBMP officials to understand and work out a way so the sewage water doesn't enter Kaikondarahalli Lake. There may be lessons to learn for all teams working on lakes in Bangalore. If there are upstream lakes that are connected to the lake that you are requesting rejuvenation, perhaps it will be best to get the whole chain surveyed and work with the agencies to take up chains as opposed to individual lakes ...or at the very least ask for active participation during the planning stage when upstream lakes are being considered for rejuvenation.

We'll keep everyone posted on how things pan out with the work on the lake chain we are working on.