Help us save Haralur Lake

From: Vineetyahoo2005 <>

Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 1:38 AM

Subject: Please help us save lake


We would like your help in saving Haralur Lake which is located within the Reliable Lakedew Residency layout situated on Haralur Main Road.

Since yesterday night there has been feverish activity in filling up the lake with debris. On enquiry, we came know that KPTCL (Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited) has initiated this activity as part of their plan to erect a tower inside the lake. They apparently have got permission Lake Authority to do so. We also feel there is encroachment of the lake by various developers all around thereby shrinking the overall size of the lake.

Some basic questions we have are:-

- when we are unable to revive lakes, how come we are allowing to fill mud in lake ?

- why work is happening at night rather in day ?

- looks like lake authority have give permission to fill the this situation what can we do ? Will it not impact ecology ? Is there no environmental clearance needed ? We are not usre if they have taken that.

- if we do google map search, you will see a bigger map than reality now. So we feel lake is filled from different sides not just for erecting tower. Can we question that ? If yes, to whom ?

In a separate email we will share some picture of the activity. Its so saddening to see we are loosing another lake in our city. The very moment i am writing this email, i see the work is in progress such an hour.

We look forward to your advice/support in this regard.