Lakes in the Media 2012

26-Dec-2012 Deccan Herald

Vanishing Lakes: Time to act now

21-Dec-2012 The New Indian Express

Nine out of 81 lakes in Bangalore highly polluted

16-Dec-2012 The Times of India

US Researcher's to revive Bangalore's lakes

05-Dec-2012 Deccan Herald

Notice to State, Centre on lake pollution

02-Dec-2012 Deccan Herald

Filthy lake causes turtles to flee

21-Nov-2012 Message received by

Help us save Haralur Lake

21-Nov-2012 The Hindu

Harnessing the power of collective will

14-Oct-2012 The Times of India

Our lakes have short lives

09-Oct-2012 DNA

Home guards to protect 13 lakes in Bangalore

08-Oct-2012 DNA

Irked by BDA's apathy, HSR Layout residents walk to save lake

04-Oct-2012 The Hindu

Festival aftermath takes slip from 'bad' to 'worse'

25-Sep-2012 The Hindu

Idol immersions take a toll on lakes in Bangalore

25-Sep-2012 OneIndia News

God brings destruction to Bangalore lakes

17-Sep-2012 The New Indian Express

Bangalore lake turning into a dumpyard

17-Sep-2012 Message received by

Help save Basapura Lake

29-Aug-2012 Citizen Matters

False promise to save Bellandur Lake exposed

23-Aug-2012 NDTV

Bangalore firm's solution for cleaning polluted US lakes


Look who's eaten up Arekere Lake


City lakes are your responsibility


OneBengaluru for saving the lakes


Lake policy needs rejuvenation


Campaigners make a splash at Ulsoor lake in Bangalore

09-Jul-2012 Citizen Matters

Bannerghatta Road residents team up to try save lake

07-Jul-2012 Deccan Herald

Rejuvenating lakes to lift depleting water table

20-Jun-2012 Bangalore Mirror

A city of 1,000 lakes? Nah

16-Jun-2012 The Times of India

Viva! Bangalore Lakes get some oxygen

14-Jun-2012 Citizen Matters

With no power to protect lakes, LDA limps

08-Jun-2012 India Water Portal

In Search of Water: Save Sarakki Lake (video)

08-Jun-2012 India Water Portal

Is Sarakki Lake in Bangalore even a water body anymore?

05-Jun-2012 Citizen Matters

Young crusaders plan to revive Narsipura Lake

21-May-2012 Citizen Matters

Meeting held to ignite Agara Lake restoration

25-Apr-2012 DNA

Kengeri Lake: Forgotten and forlorn

21-Apr-2012 The Times of India, Mumbai

Do our lakes need natural or man made protection?

20-Apr-2012 Citizen Matters

Biota booted, Citizens step in to save Agara

16-Apr-2012 Citizen Matters

Sarakki Lake too gets residents to champion its cause

12-Apr-2012 The Times of India

HC sets guidelines on lake privatization

09-Apr-2012 DNA

Another lake in Bangalore vanishes; official washes off his hands

07-Apr-2012 SME Times

Bengaluru stares at water famine

24-Mar-2012 Citizen Matters

Nobel Prize Winner Elinor Ostrom visits Kaikondrahalli lake

11-Feb-2012 Egypt Independent

Egypt's lakes: 'a truly tragic environmental tale'

06-Feb-2012 The Times of India

Citizens' drive breathes life into dying lakes

06-Feb-12 Citizen Matters

Illegal road on lake bed allowed

05-Feb-2012 DNA

A killer of birds is now their protector

01-Feb-2012 The Times of India

Don't ask why the birds are angry

20-Jan-2012 Citizen Matters

Migratory birds being poached in Bangalore water bodies

20-Jan-2012 The New Indian Express

BBMP seeks aid to rejuvenate lakes