Foreigners to resurrect Bangalore? It will be a disaster: Experts


DNA, Bangalore

By Merlin Francis

Relevant excerpt from the article:

The ideal solution: Involve citizens

With citizens taking it upon themselves to develop their neighbourhood, why does the BBMP have to look outside the country for solutions? The Puttenahalli Lake development programme is a classic example of how the citizens themselves decided what needed to be done. And they did it.

Instead of inviting foreigners to invest in the city’s infrastructure, the BBMP should look at involving the community to participate in building the city, said experts.

The Community Participation Act is an example of how resistant the city’s representatives are in involving citizens in the projects.

“The neighbourhood district improvement programmes tried in various global cities, such as Cape Town in Africa, are proof that it will work,” said Ravichandar.

“The neighbourhood improvement programmes involves the local citizens, the municipal corporation—such as the BBMP—and, may be, a private investor to fund the project/s. For instance, residents of Koramangala could pool in `100 per household for a year or two, which can be used for improvement work in that neighbourhood,” he said.

“Involve the community in projects. If you are unable to come up with ideas, ask citizens who know the problems and are aware of the solutions, and can contribute in funding as well as maintaining the projects,” he said.


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