RWAs will be roped in to maintain rejuvenated water bodies

BDA to revive 29 more lakes

Bangalore, Sept 6 2010, DHNS

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) will take up 29 more lakes for rejuvenation in the City limits.

The revival of ten lakes of the 12 lakes taken up has almost neared completion, according to BDA Commissioner Bharatlal Meena.

The BDA had taken up revival following 12 lakes at an estimated cost of Rs 104.61 crore. Ullal lake (rejuvenation cost: Rs 4.49 cr), Mallathahalli lake (Rs 22.95 cr), Kommaghatta lake (Rs 6.44 cr), Ramasandra lake (Rs 13.4 cr), Thalghattapura (Rs 2.4 cr), Konasandra (Rs 6.1 cr), Sompura (Rs 3.85 cr), Kothnur (Rs 3.6 cr), Jakkur-Sampigehalli (Rs 21.91 cr), Rachenahalli (Rs 19 cr) and Venkateshpura lake (Rs 47 lakh).

Except the Ramasandra and Mallathhalli lake, the rejuvenation of the remaining lakes have been almost completed.

The project has resulted in recharge of the groundwater table in the surrounding areas, Commissioner Meena told presspersons here on Monday.

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