The Bangalore Lake Diaries

The Alternative

Mar 26, 2013

Excerpts pertaining to Puttenahalli Lake


At Puttenahalli lake, that recently won the Namma Bengaluru award, Mr. Ramani was inspired by the volunteers’ work. “I had seen many lakes around Bangalore City which were converted into Residential layouts by the land mafia. I was induced into Puttenahalli Lake activity because since it is in our neighborhood, it would be a help in improving water column and become a good outing spot. The Puttenahalli Volunteer team is amazing in their relentless work that is visible when you make a round around the lake. I find volunteers in different age group enthusiastically working for this good cause. When I see young lads, senior citizens of women and men working, I find myself feeling younger. I am seeing lot of children in the age group of 7 yrs to 14 years also participating in such an activity. We are really on a very good platform for upbringing our children”, he said.


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