Chair for sale

6th Sep 2011

A well wisher has donated us a brand new executive chair. However, our pressing need is for cash to pay our workers' salaries, saplings, gardening tools, boots, etc. The donor has very kindly let us sell the chair and use the proceeds from the sale towards these expenses. Are you interested in buying the chair and helping PNLIT? The actual cost is Rs 5,500. As you can see in the photograph, it is a new piece with even the plastic wrapping in place. Please offer your best price and help us sustain the lake. tel: 4120 6057

9th Sep 2011

Pleased to tell you that the executive chair we'd put up for sale has been bought for Rs 6,000. The amount will go towards paying one gardener's salary for a month and buying some saplings. We are very grateful to both the donor of the chair and the buyer for their support to our effort.

Please donate generously to this citizens' initiative and avail of IT exemption. Help us sustain the lake and bring many, many more birds back to Puttenahalli Lake.