Collection drive of re-usable items by PNLIT

As a part of its social initiatives, PNLIT has identified some schools, orphanages, poor homes and old age homes in JP Nagar and other parts of Bangalore, that are in need of things for the students/ inmates.

Clothes, shoes, toys, blankets, sheets, towels, vessels, books, stationery, etc. - anything that people want to give away, in a usable condition, that can be reused by someone else will be most welcome.

For the present, we are co-ordinating collections at Brigade Millennium.

With the consent of the BM Mayflower MC, residents can deposit the things at the Mayflower ground floor (where such collections have been earlier done).

We also seek volunteers to help in checking and sorting the things donated. Residents with a bit of time may please get in touch with

OPR (A917), Arathi (A416), Padmini (A202), Anuradha (B507), Prasanna (C1407).

To those of you located in other parts of Bangalore, if you are able to co-ordinate a similar drive, then if required, PNLIT will be happy to direct your collections to those in need of them.