EPS Recycling

Jan 2011

Over the past couple of years, we have been collecting and storing EPS/ thermacol waste in the Brigade Millennium area (JP Nagar 7th Phase), so that it is not sent to land fills.

Then began the search for recyclers who would take the EPS. We were finding it hard to find anyone who would recycle the EPS and not dump or burn it. Also, as EPS is bulky, often the transport costs are higher than the sale value of the EPS, which is why middle-men recyclers are reluctant to take the EPS.

In Nov 2010, we got in touch with Mr Anand Andrew (also called Metro Anand as he is involved with the Namma Metro construction) 9740332110 andyi92002@yahoo.com who is a small EPS recycler from Tamil Nadu who is in the process of setting up something in Blr in Vidyaranyapura. He collected our EPS which we had kept for several months - it was quite bulky but only 15 kg by weight. Anand is looking at doing this all over Bangalore, periodically - maybe once a month, the vehicle will do a round to collect EPS from various areas. He is open to collecting other waste as well, including useless things like basins and cummodes.

Another EPS recycler is East India Technologies (P) Ltd on Bannerghatta Rd - contact Mr Nataraj 9164950122, (who I got to with the help of Mr Vijay Merchant of Polycraft and Mr Vijay Kumar of the EPS Recycling Association of India). They are a very large EPS recycling company and will buy the EPS when delivered to the Bannerghatta Rd factory.

PNLIT is looking to work with Anand and East India Technologies so that an effective EPS recycling system for residences is established in Bangalore.