Long weekend Aug 13-14-15

In view of the three day weekend Aug 13-14-15, we are not organizing the weekend gardening session at the lake. However, all enthusiasts are most welcome to work on their own at their convenience.

We have hired another gardener and fired the inefficient security guard. At present, we cannot afford to hire a supervisor to ensure that both gardeners stick to their timings and do their assigned chores well. Therefore, we want to form a panel of volunteer supervisors to go to the lake once a day at any time convenient to them for about an hour and supervise the gardeners and generally keep an eye on the place. And yes, they can use the time to go for a walk around the lake, watch the birds and take photographs as well.

Would you like to be in this team? We hope you will say yes! If so, would you please indicate an hour from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. that is best convenient to you? If you can spare more than an hour, wow!

Have a great weekend. Independence Day greetings to all.