Nature Walk 13th Nov 2011 comments n pics

PNLIT organised a Nature Walk to explore and discover the rich flora and fauna at the newly revived Puttenahalli Lake in J.P. Nagar 7th Phase. Promoted as a Children's Day event, there were about 50 participants of various ages. The Nature Walk was led by Ms. Deepa Mohan of the Bird Watchers Field Club, Bangalore.

Sunrise Pic: Jagadeesh Maiya


Read what participants say and see the pictures...

Deepa Mohan (the guide)

I totally enjoyed myself, such a delight to see so many people interested in the lake and its life! Please do feel free to email me with any queries that you have...If I know it, I'll reply, otherwise we can go to Aunty Google together!

The lake is doing really well now and will need sustained effort to keep it that way. The slum-dwellers have to be educated that throwing trash in the lake will only pollute their living space. Once they realize this, I think they will also stop others throwing trash in! They can then become custodians of the lake.

Write up on Puttenahalli Lake Walk by Deepa Mohan

- Citizen Matters Deepa's jottings

- Bangalore Captured

Deepa's photos here

Depalan S

Thanx Usha (the organizers) also to Deepa.

Children's enthusiasm was truly infectious. I hope these walks r arranged often and extended to other lakes, timing may be kept bit flexible to include more children.

wishing you best for future endeavors

Ria (Age 8)

Snail at Puttenahalli Lake

Nishka Jain (Age 5)

Puttenahalli Lake

Jagadeesh Maiya

Here are a few snaps

Very well organized event indeed. Never knew the story behind the resurrection of the lake. Phenomenal! A lot of my friends are appreciating what you all did and getting inspired. Frankly, I thought the initial efforts are a way to encroach the lake entirely by some builder! Saw the report in DNA in the morning. Well written. Thanks much and keep up the great work. Looking forward for more initiatives and will be glad to help in whatever way I can.

Niveditha Reddy D

its was really wonderful to know hw small things can make a big difference in this world.......

this has truly helped in giving a new dimension to the way i look at things....absolutely fantastic....

nothing is more beautiful than nature......

looking 4ward 4 more could take brigade students once at least....

any walks, n i am always there....thanks a looooooooooooooot.

Shubho Banerjee

Photos here

OP Ramaswamy (PNLIT)

Photos here


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