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Indian Pond Heron

Ardeola grayii


Habitat: Small water bodies

Distribution: India, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, southern Iran

Diet: Crustaceans, aquatic insects, fishes, tadpoles, leeches

Distinguishing features: Cryptic streaked olive and brown body, bright white wings seen in flight

31-Aug-2011  Indian Pond Heron  Pic: Sujesh S.
Pic: Sujesh S.

11-Nov-2010 Indian Pond Heron
Pic: Arathi Manay

11-Nov-2010 - Indian Pond Heron (in flight), Little Cormorant (drying its wings)
11-Nov-2010 Little Cormorant (back), Indian Pond Heron (in flight)
Pic: Arathi Manay