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From a dying lake to a rich ecosystem in the midst of high rise buildings is not a miracle. It is the outcome of several years of perseverance and dedicated work. It is a testimony of how one person’s dream can become a reality with support from a strong and dedicated team, community and the municipality.

In late 2008, our chairperson, Usha Rajagopalan, mooted a campaign to save the lake from certain extinction. It failed. Land is gold in Bengaluru, the technology capital of India. When lakes are vanishing in hundreds, who will confront the political – real estate nexus? With corruption so rampant, and the bureaucracy so apathetic, why should one even attempt to save any lake? It is the responsibility of the government, not ours. Why else do we pay taxes?

Stonewalled but determined, Usha turned to her neighbour, Ashwin Mahesh, an urbanist who got the municipality, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), to include Puttenahalli in their current list of lakes to be rejuvenated.

The DPR for Puttenahalli Lake can be seen here

Work began with surveying and fencing the boundary in August 2009 followed by desilting, building the bund, providing inlets, waste weir and reviving the lake. Usha’s Save the Lake team and the South City apartment association held an Earth Day celebration to publicize the rejuvenation in the neighbourhood. A happy outcome was the formation of Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust ( PNLIT) with Prasanna Vynatheya, Arathi Manay and OP Ramaswamy from Brigade Millennium apartment and Usha as the founder trustees.




For details about the Lakes under BBMP Lakes Dept visit:

Preservation of Lakes in the City of Bangalore- Justice N.K.Patil report

Detailed study about the lakes in Bengaluru done by Biome Trust can be read here:

Catchment Area Development- Puttenahalli Lake


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