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Making Change Possible

Our strength lies in teamwork- with the government, with the community and with ourselves.

  • PNLIT was registered in June 2010 with four founding trustees. Present board has seven members, all from the neighbourhood. PNLIT trust deed template can be seen here.

  • Became official custodians of Puttenahalli Puttakere after signing an MoU with BBMP in May 2011.

  • Primary focus is on nurturing the lake and sensitizing the community of its importance and making them stakeholders in its welfare

  • Promote lake conservation rigorously through sharing information, knowledge, and experience.

  • Assist the administration in local governance and problem solving​

​Our MoU with a validity of three years with BBMP was renewed in 2014 and 2017. On 04/03/2020, the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka passed a direction in WP 38401/2014 which reads “...the State Government shall not execute any such MOU with any Corporate Entity. However, this order will not prevent the State Government from taking funds from the Corporate Entities for rejuvenation of lakes.” Since then, BBMP has not renewed any MoU including citizen groups like PNLIT.

We and a few other sister organizations filed Interlocutory Applications contesting this decision of the BBMP. While waiting to be heard, we continue to maintain Puttenahalli Lake as diligently as before.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are a nature-loving, environment friendly, dedicated and committed group of individuals whose aim is to save the lake and its environment, preserve the biodiversity and ensure sustainability for the future generations. Our mission is to make the lake a thriving waterbody amidst the urban concrete jungle. 

Former Trustee

Core Volunteers

At PNLIT, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to our environment. We have an incredible team of passionate volunteers who work tirelessly to coordinate and organise unique environmentally-focused events for both children and adults. Furthermore, our volunteers contribute to producing high quality content for our newsletter, with articles, quizzes, and stunning images from the lake. Our volunteers hold the power to make a meaningful, lasting difference.

Resource Team

Dr K. Ranga Raju, retired Professor from the Civil Engineering Department, IIT Roorkee, presently works as a Hydraulic Engineering Consultant at Bangalore. He is an honorary member of the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering. 

Dr S. Subramanya, renowned ornithologist and naturalist. He was a senior faculty at the University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore, from where he retired in 2018. Besides studying various facets of birds, he specialises in studying heronries, wetlands, water birds and threatened birds.

Mr. Karthikeyan S, wears many hats – avid birdwatcher, photographer, interested in birds, insects, done several faunal surveys, author and Chief Naturalist, Jungle Lodges.

Ms. Deepa Mohan, is a theatre reviewer, carnatic musician/teacher, quizzer and nature writer/photographer. She is also an avid wildlife volunteer and educator. She has been conducting free and customised bird/nature walks in and around Bengaluru. She participates in surveys and nature education programs in other parts of the country.

Dr. Uday Kumar, is a polymer chemist retired from DuPont corporation. Currently engaged in birdwatching and putting out videos to create awareness. Also engaged in making and setting up nest boxes for birds mostly around Bengaluru. Dr Uday Kumar, J N Prasad and a few others started Hakkigoodu in 2018 to train people to build nest boxes for sparrows and other birds.

Mr. J N Prasad has been a keen naturalist and bird watcher for the last four decades. He has been associated closely with the WWF-India Nature Clubs of India movement since its inception.

Mr. Samuel John is the co-founder of 'Spiders and the Sea', a social enterprise that works towards creating a world in which people have a close relationship with nature. He is a writer, photographer and researcher with a keen interest in spiders. His underwater video of our lake is one of its kind!

Mr. Vishnupriya Hathwar, naturalist and educator who specializes in Nature Based Integrated Learning. 

Our Staff Our Strength

Our gardeners are very hardworking and dedicated. Over the years they have also become adept in rowing the coracle and keeping aquatic weeds under control. They learned basic electrical work, making Artificial Floating platforms, rigging up sprinklers, some PR and phototgraphy.



Since Jan 2014



         Since Feb 2016



Since May 2017



Since Sep 2018

 Corporate Partners

They play a vital role in nurturing the lake and spreading awareness about ecological imbalance, water issues, vanishing natural habitats and biodiversity. Funds and volunteers are particularly important in this process, and our corporate partners provide invaluable support for both. Few of our other long term partners in addition to the ones mentioned below are VMware, Deloitte Shared Services India Pvt.Ltd, Misys Software, Cisco, CAF America. We are grateful for their partnership and the commitment to our cause. 

Over the past 13years, PNLIT have been partnering with many Corporates under their Employee Volunteering Opportunities. Some visited us monthly, some weekly and some for just few days but it was a truly wonderful experience to work with them, guide them and share our lake revival story with them. Every help extended by them goes a long way in nurturing OUR Lake. They helped us with gardening jobs, cleaning, making AFIs, helping with events and more. Some of the Corporate Volunteers who were part of our journey were- Adobe, Cisco, DCB Bank, Unisys, VMware, Bosch, HSBC, Genpact, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Deloitte Shared Services India Pvt Ltd.

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