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Pied Bushchat

Saxicola caprata

Family: Muscicapidae

Habitat: Open areas including scrub, grassland and cultivation

Distribution: Tropical southern Asia from the Greater Middle East through Pakistan, India and Bangladesh eastwards to Indonesia

Diet: Insects

Distinguishing features: Male – black except for white rump, wing patch and lower belly, dark brown iris black bill and legs black; Female – drab brown and slightly streaked

11-Nov-2011 Pied Bushchat (female)
11-Nov-2011 Pied Bushchat female Pic: SK Srinivas
Pic: SK Srinivas

08-Oct-2011 Pied Bushchat (male)
08-Oct-2011 Pied Bushchat Pic: Sushil Katre
Pic: Sushil Katre