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Bird perches at Puttenahalli Lake, Dec 2022

"Life is relationships, joy, beauty, emotion, growth, experiences, the natural and the artificial. 

Without water there'll be no life. Lake=Life. Let's preserve our lakes, our lives."

Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT)

More about PNLIT here

Puttenahalli Lake

More about Puttenahalli Lake here

In May 2011, the BBMP formally handed over the maintenance of Puttenahalli Lake to PNLIT, the first instance of a lake being given to a citizens' group. BBMP gives no financial assistance and PNLIT meets the expenses through public donations.   

Apart from Puttenahalli Lake, the trust is also involved with other activities related to the betterment of the neighbourhood.

The transformation of Puttenahalli Lake

Jan 2009 - Marshy dumpyard

Jun 2010 - Restoration in progress

Oct 2010- 'Saved' lake

Nov 2011 - 'Nursery' of birds

Aug 2015 - The trees have grown and efforts to get more water into the lake are yielding results

May 2017 - Unmistakably, a lake

Aerial view of Puttenahalli Lake, July 2019
(Pic: Geetha Srikrishnan) 

                                                                                                                                   Aerial View - Jan 2023  (Pic: Usha Rajagopalan)