Indian Grey Hornbill

23-Jan-2014 Deepa Mohan sighted the bird at the lake. No photo capture.

"We saw an Indian Grey Hornbill fly across the lake and go and settle in the foliage of an African Tulip near the western end of the lake."

Observation by Shyamal on BngBirds email group

Indian Grey Hornbill sightings seem to be on the rise. In the past they were found only from Valley School in the south and from Hessarghatta in the north but there have been recent reports on Bngbirds of birds in Lalbagh and Uma Bharath mentioned seeing them in Sahakarnagar - not sure about if they have been seen next door in GKVK.

In the past we always marvelled at their abundance especially from Maddur onwards toward Mysore. Some large trees in Maddur railway station used to be a great place to watch them.

Some other cities also seem to host larger populations than the surrounding countryside - for instance New Delhi and Pune and this might have to do with the choice of trees used in avenue planting.


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