Common names: Peepul, Sacred Fig, Bo-Tree (Sinhala Bo)

Botanical name:Ficus religiosa

  • The Peepul is a species of banyan fig native to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, southwest China and Indochina.

  • It is a large dry season-deciduous or semi-evergreen tree up to 30 m tall and with a trunk diameter of up to 3 m.

  • It bears some long-stalked and waving leaves. The leaves are shaped like a human heart and terminate in a long, narrowing point. The pendent leaves on their long trails flutter and dance even in the slightest breeze and the gentle rhythm of their tails against neighbouring leaves reproduce the rhythm of rain.

  • When the new leaves that are dark-red in colour and shining scatter about the branches in the month of April, the sight looks extraordinarily delightful.

  • Siddhartha Gautama is said to have been sitting underneath a Bo-Tree when he was enlightened (Bodhi), or "awakened" (Buddha). Thus, the Bo-Tree is well-known symbol for happiness, prosperity, longevity and good luck.

Location at the lake:

    • Along the road side of the lake